Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a pretty chill weekend. On Sunday our friend Marc popped off some of the best family pictures we've had yet. I couldn't choose so I just posted them all.

Mommy's head!

Head hug!


On Mem Day itself I took Zack to feed the ducks in Balboa park. He liked the ducks but didn't quite get the feeding part. Every piece of bread I gave him to throw he ate himself, and then he threw his Lego cars into the water instead (but I fished them out). Then he enjoyed a big lunch in his stroller, looking over the lake.


Anonymous said...

Oh! I have been thinking about you guys and have been away from your blog for too long!!! Wonderful pictures, thrilled to see them. Z is soooo grown up in these pictures! So very handsome! Can't wait to see you all in person! Love, nana

DCD said...

Oh Em Gee!! That last picture of the three of you close up is my total fave!

I can't believe how big he is - and that hair?!?! To die for!

Julie's Mom said...

Pics are AWESOME!!!!