Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Zack is a half!

That's right, Zack turned six months today. One half a year. That means he's hit the mark for solid food, and I'm sure that will be interesting.

I thought maybe the big boy would fill out this sweater, but you can see here it's still swimmingly large.

Not that he didn't have a sense of humor about it.

Once I got the sweater off of him, Z got less cooperative, trying to check out the traffic beyond our little front yard...

or checking out the baffled plumbers who came to fix the sink of someone named "Hugo" who as far as I know doesn't live in our building...

or pulling off his cool Japanese anime-ish socks. These feature a red robot and the word "traitor."

I suspect that for later milestones I'll say "gosh, that went by really fast," and in a way this half-year did. In another way, I feel like I experienced every second of the last six months. I love being a dad. This stage is wonderful and intense, as wonderful and intense as it promises.

Just look at that little guy. That huge little guy.


Anonymous said...

"Wonderful and intense"; I am so pleased for you and proud of you both. Nothing could be better than that bundle of joy.

Much love,


DCD said...

"That huge little guy."

Classic. I agree with Dad, "wonderful and intense" is a good way to describe parenting in general. I am so happy for you that you are a Dad - and that Z-man has such cool parents!

Anonymous said...

Too adorable for words!
Love, Nana

Julie's Mom said...

I'm so proud of Jeff and Julie as parents, and Zack is such a wonderful person...YEAH...he's a real guy with a great personality and a truly loving nature.

I know how anxious his East Coast family is to meet him...and I can't wait for the blog posts so I can share the joy!

Anonymous said...

wow--he's so big, handsome, and jolly! way to go Team Cross!

big hugs, Shannah

Anonymous said...

I'm LOVING reading "ya'll's" blog and seeing all the great pics! It brings a huge smile to my face to see you (Julie) so happy with your beautiful baby and then to read the words of your husband who sounds like he is drinking up every minute of it. :) Yea life!!:)
~much love - susie (i actually go by susana now but figured it wouldn't sound right to you:))