Sunday, December 21, 2008

And he loves this thing.

This is the Fisher Price Intellitainer, which I picked up used for twenty bucks.  Best twenty bucks I ever spent.  I thought I was getting an Even Flo Exersaucer, but I actually really like this thing a little better I think, and Zack loves it.  Turns out it's discontinued so I feel like we got this special edition toy.

Funny, but I read a lot of books on parenting, and Jeff reads none.  I think I might burn all my books to keep our apartment warm.  We like a woman named Magda Gerber.  She started Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE).  RIE seems cool, or at least a little less hyper than the Attachment Parenting (AP) folks.  But in RIE, you're not supposed to prop babies up into any position they can't get into by themselves, because that doesn't respect the infant's actual abilities.  Also, RIE frowns on toys with batteries, since this makes infants passive instead of active.  Strict RIE also bans pacifiers and rocking chairs and swings.

Whatever, losers!  I love to see Zack propped up in his Intellitainer, banging on the keys that make noise due to the magic of batteries!

And I saw Zack roll over, both ways.  So he does do it.  The daycare folks said he's been rolling there...but they only see him after it's happened.  It's been like getting a shot of Bigfoot or something.  He's a secret roller.


DCD said...

"Secret roller," Crack me up!!

Love, love the exosaucer in all it's manifestations. That thing looks damn cool! Unfortunately, ours bit the dust, so that is not something I can offer you guys when you get here.

Octopunk said...

I suspect Zack will probably have enough relatives who will want to prop him up and entertain him. I mean intellitain him.