Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gratuitous Adorableness

Some pictures from the weekend.  Jeff took Z on a little walk to distract him from his illness.  Z loves being out.  Mom gave us this jacket.

And it just happens to perfectly match the little hat worn by Mr. Bunny, a gift from Kristina.

How cute is this little jacket?  I can't even stand it.

Daddy's trying to get Zack to smile, but someone inside Starbuck's is waving wildly at the cute baby.

My boys, resting after a tough weekend.


Julie's Mom said...

Even with his croup, cold and teething, he's the cutest baby ever. He's such a trooper. I'm so glad to see that there was at least some sleep...I hope Mom got some rest, too.

Team Cross performed like the champs that they are. They are amazing parents to an amazing baby.

Anonymous said...

Don't y'all need a PERMIT for that much adorableness? He's cute enough to be a one-man parade. --Ashley

DCD said...

Total adorableness! Kristina gave Maggie a similar bunny (sans hat) that she uses every time she goes to bed. She loves her bunny.

I am getting really antsy to get my hands on all that adorableness - December can't come soon enough!!

Landshark said...

Those are awesome. I'm probably the last person to notice this, but he looks like a little mini-Jeff to me all of a sudden.

Steven Uhles said...

Why is it your child is the only infant on the planet that doesn't bear a striking resemblence to Winston Churchill. That is one good looking boy.