Tuesday, November 01, 2005

This Year's Model

This was my Halloween costume this year, based on the notion of a brain-controlling alien that might populate a 1950's sci-fi movie. I had more of a costume in mind for myself to wear, but I spent all the time I had making the darn brain in time for last Friday's party. Suitable attire ideas include:

1. A uniform of an employee of the "Department of Outer Space."

2. A v-neck sweater with a varsity letter on it, as in "Me and the guys were drag racing down by old Johnson's farm, and we saw a shooting star and went to check it out." This is what I wore to the party, minus the varsity letter because of time and lack of black construction paper (Jaimi, I'm talking to you).

3. And then, seconds before I got home on Halloween night itself, I thought: lab coat!

I tend to reuse my big props, so I'll go whole hog some time in the future. The brain says I must.

1 comment:

DCD said...

Awesome! Love the brain! The glowing eyes definitely make the difference. Once I get a good picture of Jake in his monkey costume, I will send it along.
Love ya.