Saturday, September 04, 2010

Catching up still...some pictures from the last few months

Cat nap. Sometime in June.

June again. Whale watching. Zack got pretty seasick
and I managed to catch every last drop of orange
colored goldfish cracker vomit in a
trashcan. Champion mommy!

Tickle time! July.

Zack's favorite game with me is "Where do you think you're going?" which I started when he was probably one and crawling. He crawls away and I pull him back by his feet and say, "Where do you think you're going?" And then tickle him. It has evolved so that now he lies down when he wants to play and says, "Where do you fink-ink-ink you're go-ying?" And then I say it, and then I stall while he giggles in anticipation. The suspense is much more fun than the tickling at this point. The sound of him cracking up is the best thing ever.

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DCD said...

Love the "Zack speak" with the tickle game - sooooo cute!