Sunday, April 25, 2010

Park Pics

Marion showed us a great new park on Friday. Here are the boys, swinging. It was tough to get a picture where they were both looking at the camera, because they were both very excited that the moon was out.

And here they are, back in January, 2009. Before the enlarging ray hit them both.

So now they are actually playing together. If Wes was out of sight for a second, Zack said, "Wheah Wes?"

Zack's routine was to slide down the slide. spot Wes, and say, "Mmmmm!" a few times before moving on. Wes thought it was pretty funny.

They also played Chase and Ball. Their versions of these games are so sophisticated that it's tough for adults to understand the complicated rules. So it might look random.

Zack climbed these!

There is a cool skateboard area in this park.

This was yesterday. Zack is a bounce house party crasher. We end up in bounce houses at our local park every weekend. Duncan and Jessie and Dean came to visit us yesterday.


Mamma Marion said...

It is so wild to see those two swing pictures together! Some day they will be drinking beer together...

Anonymous said...

The enlargement ray continues! Great photos; always enjoy seeing them. Wish we could be with you, but summer is coming. Much love,


DCD said...

The swing comparison pics are awesome! I still can't get over his hair - there's so much of it!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures. And Happy Birthday Julie!!!