Saturday, November 14, 2009

The LA Zoo

On Veterans Day, Jeff was working, but Zack and I were off. I was totally exhausted. Zack was whiny and antsy. I couldn't stand the thought of trying to entertain him at home for another few hours, so I took him to the zoo.

We saw these guys.

And these guys.

And these guys. I was very excited about seeing zebras. Zack commented, "Ball!" He was more excited about whatever that ball is in there.

And these guys were cool.

We actually got there late, so I wheeled the stroller super fast to the lion pen, so Zack could see real lions. He's been roaring like a lion so much.

And actually he roared when he saw all the animals. I think they all fell into the lion category of his taxonomy, being big and real and all.

Fun stuff. The zoo!


DCD said...

Wow - too bad I hate ugg boots!

I totally love the zoo. We didn't make it there (again) this summer which is a bummer. Hopefully in the fall. Yay, zoo!

Mamma Marion said...

Ugg Boots?! You've been spamed! I wish we could have gone with you. Next time!

Julie's Mom said...

I LOVE the zoo pics!!! Zack has a mighty roar, and it must have been SO cute to hear him, and see him react to all the live animals. How funny that he wanted to know about the ball!!!