Monday, October 19, 2009

Some recent favorites (but not that recent)

I actually selected these pictures for posting a month ago and then as usual neglected the heck out of the blog. If any of you are still tuning in, I hope you like them. This is Zack in a contemplative moment after sliding down the slide. I think he's comtemplating a dog over there.

Early in September we took a trip to Venice beach to meet some friends of mine visiting from the Bay Area. They unexpectedly brought a hula hoop with them, and it just so happens Julie's a bit of an expert. Zack completes the "circus family" tableau by practicing stunts with his ball.

From later the same day, heading back to the car.


Anonymous said...

Recent or not, we certainly enjoy seeing photos of the family. We miss you all and the blog keeps us up to date. Much love,


Anonymous said...

Ditto! I love the one of "pensive" Zack on the slide. Adorable! We miss him and wish you were closer...Love, Nana

DCD said...

These are great! I especially love that shot of Julie - what a hoot!

Julie's Mom said...

LOVE the new pics!!!! Julie is THE Hulla-Hope Queen! I can't remember how many she needed to juggle for a wonderful play she was once in...but it was FANTASTIC!!

Obsidian Kitten said...

Rawr ~ hot mamma! Such great pics.

Boy, that Zachary Cross certainly has some red hair...what handsome boys you have! =)