Friday, September 04, 2009

Washington Graduates From Cute School

Laying it on a little thick, doncha think?

Zack loves Washington, and Washington loves Zack. Zack calls Washington "goo gicky" or just "gicky." And he will ask, "Wheah goo gicky?" If you say, "Zack, where's Washington?" he just says, "Gicky gicky gicky gicky gicky!"

Washington follows Zack all around the house and plays with all of Zack's toys. We put the playmat out with the dangly toys, and Washington went nuts for it. That thing is the perfect cat toy. I'm surprised it hasn't been marketed for cats. And Washington has taken possession of the elephant from the playmat, which makes a scrunchy plastic sound when you sink your teeth into it. He is constantly trying to drag that thing away to eat it somewhere, but then it makes noise and he has to kill it again.

Zack grabs and pets the cat a lot, but knock on wood, no scratches so far. The other day Zack had his feet dangling over the side of the futon couch (because oh yeah, Zack can get on and off the couch by himself now!), and the cat kept attacking them from below. Zack was cracking up. And I thought, wow, it kinda doesn't get much cuter than this. I spend my afternoons in just a living stereotype of cuteness.


The Mandrells said...

That is one cute, and lucky, gicky!

DCD said...

Zack and gicky!! Totally adorable!

Obsidian Kitten said...

omg, cute overload. zack and gicky overdose!!