Friday, July 10, 2009

Thirteen months!

Yes, this mess is sufficient. Time for a drink.

I think Zack might be on to me.


Zack is upset by loud noises, so while the gardeners were running their leaf blowers and hedge trimmers, he spent the time here.

Block chosen for color coordination.

And flavor!


Dana's Brain said...

GAH! He's so big!! That second picture he looks more little boyish then babyish. I think it's the angle, but yikes!

Can't WAIT to see you guys next month!

Anonymous said...

OH, what great shots..Zac's cousins are eagerly awaiting his arrival! Nana and Papa as well!

Anonymous said...

Hi again! Love the pic of Jeff and Zach together. So sweet! We are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of the three of you! Love, Nana