Saturday, May 02, 2009

Tooth Number 5

Zack has been a bit of a drama queen lately, and yesterday we noticed he has busted out another tooth on the bottom left of the two that are already in.  So I guess he was having a hard time with that little tooth.  He was a lot calmer today.

We visited the grandparents and Zack put on quite a show, bouncing his ball, eating like a champ, and saying both "Mommy" and "ball," as well as doing some very impressive babbling.  He has gotten pretty physically coordinated and it's great to watch him navigate his way around the furniture.

Jeff bought the last items to childproof our place, so now Zack can roam from his room and pretty much throughout the living room without doing too much damage to himself or anything else.  We keep the door to our room and the bathroom shut, and the dangerous Lego / kitchen area is gated off.

Jeff is thrilled because Zack mostly feeds himself with his left hand.  And really, a dead giveaway, if he does pick up something with his right hand, he'll switch to his left before he eats it.  Mom is also a lefty so everyone has got their hopes up about this left handed thing.

He has started feeding himself with a spoon.  We are really cheering him on, although it's such a complete mess!  But he insists he wants to do it.  He also likes to wear his bowl as a hat.

Jeff finally caught him on video laughing, something that has been as elusive as Bigfoot.  But I swear it's real.

The latest word he is working on is "baby," although he doesn't seem to know what it means. But he says it a lot.

He also plays peekaboo with us by hiding his face with a towel or peeking around the corner.

Developing little games with him has been fun.  He bites down hard on the spoon after each bite, and then he wants me to try and take it from him.  We end up playing tug of war, like you would with a dog.  Cracks Zack up for some reason.

He used to play a game with us called Baby Attack.  Here were the rules.  We would say, "Baby attack!" And Zack would descend and slobber on our faces.  I have no idea why that one stopped.  And really, I have no idea what Baby Attack actually meant to Zack.  He cannot have understood it--this was a few months ago.  But he sure did love it.

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