Tuesday, October 28, 2008


We inherited a jack-o'-lantern costume from our friend Tara, so we decided to try it out. We had to put it on in the parking lot because it's not compatible with car seats.

Proud Farmer Julie shows off her prize twenty-pound pumpkin.

I was actually contemplating getting Zack a new costume -- until I saw that hat! Get a load of that hat!

The big pumpkins were arranged in rows instead of all jumbly like I'd hoped. Zack did his best to blend in, going on the theory that pumpkins are social vegetables and would appreciate a few laughs.

Not surprisingly it was the piles of small pumpkins that Z successfully infiltrated. I think I can claim this because a woman passing by thought we were just grooving on the pumpkins so much we were taking pictures -- then she noticed Zack's little face. More than one shopper said they wanted "that one," but we didn't hear any good offers and took him home ourselves.


Octopunk said...

We bought one of those little pumpkins for Z for five bucks, but Julie realized the ol' pumpkin patch was kind of a price gouge. She was right; we then went to Trader Joe's where all the pumpkins were $3.49 and got two big ones for ourselves. Stay tuned for our awesome jack-o'-lanterns.

Mamma Marion said...


DCD said...

LOVE these!! Yeah, we paid about 2 bucks for a little pumpkin at the Farmer's Market. You got hosed.

Can't wait to see those jack-o-lanterns! You guys always do it up right.

That hat is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pictures...the one of Zack in the pumpkin patch is a classic. Should be in a magazine! Papa has it as his screensaver!!!

Love, Nana and Papa

Obsidian Kitten said...

that's one giant pumpkin. i have heard that milk makes pumpkins grow super-big.