Thursday, May 22, 2008

Zack's Room

I guess this pic kind of says it all. This kid could be here any day now and we couldn't be more amped. And we totally dig his room. In a way it's the nicest room in the house, which astounds us because the blue paint completely transformed it. The old color was a dark, earthy tone that Jules thought looked good as a swatch but not so good on the walls.

I picked the blue with the intention of painting fish on the wall. We haven't done that yet because there's no rush and we're digging the walls as they are right now. We did, however, put up the wicked fun seahorse nightlight.


DCD said...

That is about the coolest nightlight I have ever seen!

Julie said...

This morning I dreamt that someone stole our changing table.

Elizabeth Hargreaves said...

The happiness oozes from every word and every photo. Congrats! I can't help but feel nastalgic as I read your journey. The twins were born when I was in the professional program - I called it the magic bubble - it all felt deleriously thrilling and surreal. The twins looked like turkeys when they came out -- which I think I prefer over gargantuan monster head (no offense Zack). Stay well Julie!! p.s. We've had a serious illiness in our immediate family the last six months and this brightens my day to experience this moment through your beautiful and very funny thoughts. Thanks for sharing. You're one groovy mom. xx Love, Elizabeth