Monday, September 17, 2007


Last weekend Jules and I went to Disneyland, where I hadn't been since 1993. We went with our friends Bruce and Tekla, and their daughter Geneva, who's four. Adding to the magical magic, we got in FREE thanks to Bruce, who's a CG animator for the Diz.

I didn't score too many good pictures, but we had great timing spotting this parade right after we saw It's a Small World. It was staffed by dozens of Disney dancers who never stopped smiling while prancing around in head-to-toe costumes made of fur. I would've been sweating buckets. I was sweating buckets, just standing there.

Look! It's those crazy flowers that get all bitchy on Alice in the movie.

It was actually an excellent day weatherwise and an even better day for short lines. However, the new Meet The Princesses attraction was still quite thronged with young princessy hopefuls. Pretty much as girly girl as it sounds, but I have to admit the decor of the place was really charming. I'm having my next birthday party there.

Here's me and 'Neva waiting in the only other long line, the new Nemo-themed submarine romp. We weren't surprised at the crowd, since there's billboards for this all over LA. Pretty cool, but I miss those old Nautili.

First stop was the Tiki Room, which I don't think I'd seen since I was a kid. Loved it!

Pretty much everything there was cool, including this nutty future car that pulled the tram from the parking lot. I'd so get myself one of those if I was rich. Unhook the tram and I'm gone, baby.


JohnnySweatpants said...

I'm jealous! That looks like a lot of fun. I've never been to "Land" and the last time I was at "World" I was too young to drink.

Adam said...


DCD said...

Hey! It's Adam! Hi Adam!

Jake loved these pictures, I had to go back many times to look at them and tell him what they all were.

Anonymous said...

Cool pix, Jeff.

Point of order, the Nautili were at Disneyworld, until they took a dive and made way for a crummy winnie the pooh playground.

The land has been and always will be future submarines, not past submarines.

You rode in a Submarine that Walt supervised, albeit grey, militaristic and likely named the "Patrick Henry" or the "George Washington" rather than the "Explorer" or the "Sea Star".

I hope you can be contented with a Nemo of the fishy variety, and not the Vernian one.