Friday, September 29, 2006

Definitely the worst thing so far about the coup in Thailand

From the BBC: Thailand's coup leaders have banned go-go dancers from performing for troops on the streets of Bangkok, fearing soldiers may be distracted.

A troupe of scantily-clad women danced for soldiers near the Royal Plaza on Monday, as part of entertainments paid for by a local radio station. But the coup's leaders - who had earlier told soldiers to keep smiling - have now banned all dancing near tanks.

"We have to maintain the seriousness of the coup," a military spokesman said.

The bloodless coup, which ousted former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, has been broadly welcomed in Bangkok, where Mr Thaksin was increasingly unpopular. Once initial tensions subsided, residents and tourists gathered in front of troops to have their photos taken. Others took flowers and food to show their backing for the soldiers. But the coup's leaders said Monday's go-go dancers - who appeared in skimpy camouflaged tops and pants - were the final straw.

"I don't know what the organiser's intention was but this should be the first and last of this type of dance performance. It's totally inappropriate," said coup spokesman Lt Gen Palangoon Klaharn.

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DCD said...

It's just like in the town in "Footloose!" What's next, book-burning?!?