Sunday, June 18, 2006

Day One

I'm too shagged to write much, but here are some highlights of the day.

Check me out! First time in a stretch limo. As good as advertised.

This kid was considering going Godzilla on DC, but his dad said "don't even think about it." Darn!

I am quite literally pressed against the glass for this one, longingly looking inside. That's the model shop. One wall is a big window, so the magic is viewable to the public. Just don't knock on the glass, the fish don't like it.

More super-coolness.


Monday is interviews and building tests. Tuesday is the final build-off. Two hours to do a "what would you add to the park" model. Hmmmm.

Winner and three contenders are announced at 1:30 pm California time on Tuesday.

Thanks for all the calls and support. My friends and family totally rule. That's you guys, you rule!

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