Friday, April 07, 2006

Octopunk stays up really late

I just really wanted to get my lego stuff uploaded, is all. Check out my Brickshelf page for a bunch of the new pictures I took last weekend. You can tell the new stuff because the backgrounds are much whiter. I particularly recommend the Nova Blade and the Zeppelin.

Meanwhile, let me mention this: whenever I finish a new lego creation, when I finally get it perfect, for a while afterwards it's like I have a crush on the thing. I bring it with me places so I can constantly look at it and pick it up. Well, the other day while I was packing up my stuff to go get it photogrified, I whipped out these two little robots -- and I can't get enough of them! They're so small and easy, when I realized I'd left them at Adam's on Monday, I just built another pair. I threw the necessary parts in my pocket and assembled them on the train to work.

I don't even have an idea of what they're for, but I do know that when they raise up on their wheels like that, they go really fast.

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