Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's a Death Star Party, Who Could Ask For More?

An ambitious fellow Lego freak has assembled this brilliant Death Star playset. I routinely browse through's new stuff, and this thing keeps popping up, which either means this guy is adding more pictures, or he's just re-posting to keep his creation in the limelight. It's a nuance of Brickshelf I haven't really figured out yet. Either way, he's really maximizing the potential of this playset with an array of scenes, some goofy and some not. I've included some of my faves here, but I recommend a look at the rest. Just excellent work. My favorite element is the Rebel Pilot on the right upper level who's peering into that big cylinder. And you can hardly see him in the dark there, but the Emperor is playing the piano on the level below.

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